Silencing Sistine 

Now being submitted to publishers is my mystery novel that includes Spree, who lives with neurodiversity and her family, who lives with her and her neurodiversity with love and with challenge.

Silencing Sistine by Tower Lowe

Jack takes us into this story with a tongue-in-cheek narrative of a day in the life of Spree, his multiply-diagnosed, neurodiverse sister. Jack, Spree, and their mother Eva start a missing persons agency because Spree often goes missing, and they are experienced at finding her. The family is hired out of Santa Fe, New Mexico to locate Sistine, who disappeared from Miami twenty years before on the arm of a dangerous man.

The story quickly moves to Cuba, where the trio discover that the story of Sistine is a bit more complicated than they first thought. The Cuban government, Cuban families in both countries, and a mysterious stranger back in the United States cloud their efforts to locate the elusive Sistine. Spree’s quirky personality and intuition drive the family crazy and yet, she points them all towards a resolution.

No Way Out

A recently completed romantic suspense novel now being submitted...

If anything happens to me…


A gunman crashes through the door of the offices of Enchanted Realty in Santa Fe and assassinates Molly’s new friend Gloria.


Molly had recently fled Washington, DC when her fiancé, Don, dumped her because he was uncomfortable with her injured left arm. The shooting occurs one calm morning, right after private investigator Miguel Alvarez walks into the office. Miguel manages to shove Molly out of the way, but he can do nothing to save Gloria.


After the shooting, Molly discovers the email from her friend.


If anything happens to me...


The email throws Molly and Miguel together in pursuit of the killer. They discover a shady connection between Gloria, her cousin Mongo, and a so-called women’s empowerment group. Once they start to investigate, Molly’s life is threatened repeatedly, and Miguel gets sucked into a whirlwind of trouble with an old friend.


As Miguel and Molly bond during the investigation, Molly wonders if she can ever trust a man again after her experience with Don, while Miguel flees a dark and sinister past. Molly welcomes Miguel’s help until a series of notes seem to incriminate him, and she is left on her own to find out if the killer was motivated by a sex cult, missing money, or love.

Romantic Suspense Novel

In Progress

©2013 by Tower Lowe


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